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Maintaining Your Roof:

A roof really does add character to your home, so its important to help maintain its looks by regularly checking for damage. Its much cheaper and easier to resolve a damaged roof when defects are first noticed, if left  unattended for long periods of time, prolonged and expensive damage to the inside of your property will appear on ceilings, timbers, electrics etc... In most cases slipped tiles are left unaided as there 'seems' to be no apparent evidence of water ingress into te property. With several years working in a maintenance sector, you can have peace of mind in knowing that a professional repair will be made which will in turn  compliment your existing roof covering. Any fool can go on a roof and patch a leak but it takes skill, pride and respect to repair a roof as though it would seem that nobody has even been up on the roof. Roof Slating & Tiling in Walshaw Roof Slates & Tiles in Walshaw


Strip & Re-Slate:

If you've got an older roof consisting of slates; and are looking to recover the roof, don't be too worried. Dependant on the quality of slate, you can actually re-use them, saving on material costs. The slates may be hundreds of years old, but they'll most certainly outlive the life expectancy of most modern tiles. Slates have bags of character & look traditional, although they are quite expensive and require a near lost skill when installing.


Modern Roof Coverings:

There are hundreds of styles, colours & textures of modern roof coverings to choose from when deciding to renew your roof covering, so choosing the right covering for your home may seem confusing. Offering a free consultation, we can decide on the right  covering to suit your style & budget, Explaining the pro's and cons of each.

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